Studio 7: Reinventing the past

Exhibition 17.10.23 > 17.03.24

Thanks to the Studio, the museum is able to highlight recently acquired historical or ultra-contemporary items. The capsule exhibitions displayed in this space offer visitors a glimpse of the museum’s rich collections. Now it’s the turn of the new generation!


Born in the 1980s and 1990s, the fashion designers presented illustrate the challenges of our time by reinventing elements from the past. By advocating engaged and outside-the-box fashion, they place the deconstruction of gender, masculine and feminine, at the heart of their work, along with environmental awareness.


Above and beyond the sociological aspect of their creative work, they undertake genuine research into the cuts, materials, techniques and aesthetics proposed.


Discover the joyous, fun-filled, colourful and less constricting pieces by