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Kidorama, 200 years of children’s fashion

08.07.22 > 05.03.23

Children’s fashion is healthier than ever. More inclusive, more environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on handmade items: new labels appear each year. But dressing a child is not always easy! Fashion is first and foremost a social phenomenon and children also care about what they wear.


Through a trajectory that is both thematic and chronological, this new exhibition casts its eye on current fashion in the light of children’s wear since 1820.


By delving into its collections, recently enriched by Belgian items as well as several prestigious loans, the museum raises questions about issues such as construction of gender, the development of mixed or unisex fashion, imitation of adult fashion as well as the growing interest in the luxury industry for kids. More than just a fashion exhibition, Kidorama tells the story of the place of the child and the development of his/her personality within our society.


An exhibition to enjoy through children’s eyes!


For a taste of the exhibition, take a look at our visitor’s guide 


The exhibition is of course aimed at adults but also at children, discover all the activities of the museum for this unique exhibition.

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