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You wish to donate:

  • clothes
  • documents relating to fashion (magazine, posters, etc.)
  • fashion accessories to the Brussels Fashion & Lace Museum

We already thank you for your generosity.

Please send via e-mail your proposal with a photo of each item and a detailed description (object, condition, date, documentation and reference):

Your proposal will be processed as soon as possible.

The museum reserves the right to make a selection based on documentary, aesthetic and technical criteria in order to supplements its collections.


The Museums of the City of Brussels form a network of enriching and fascinating museum institutions that retrace, each in its own way, the history of Brussels: the Brussels City Museum, the Fashion & Lace Museum, the GardeRobe Manneken-Pis, the Sewer Museum.

Our philanthropic actions are based on three pillars:

  • the acquisition of significant works;
  • the restoration of works from museum collections;
  • the development of cultural mediation tools aimed at young people.

For € 60 per year, you can join our “Circle of Patrons of the Brussels City Museums”. By joining our Circle, you participate in the fostering the influence of our capital as well as becoming an active member of the cultural family that supports our projects. Thus, you will become a privileged partner and will receive exclusive information about the openings and life of each of our museums.

The King Baudouin Foundation supports museums: the donations made by our patrons are tax deductible. A fund has been established to administer these donations – the “Friends of the Brussels City Museums Fund”, managed by the Foundation.

You can make your donation directly on the King Baudouin Foundation platform, a page of which is dedicated to our museums: it is here

Donations of at least 40 euros made to the King Baudouin Foundation result in a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid, which is shown on the certificate sent at the end of February of the following year.