Men and gods

Lace season 18.10.22 > 08.01.23

For this 4th edition of the “Season of Lace”, the museum team has selected some exceptional pieces depicting the human figure. Flowers and plants are a common theme in lace as are animals, but large scenes with human figures in lace are rare.

It is estimated that only 10% of all lace ever made bears a human image. The human figure is difficult to capture in fine white threads and bobbins. Facial expressions, arms, fingers and legs are difficult to stitch with bobbins. Besides, flowers and plants are instantly recognisable and usually harmless and frivolous. A human figure probably attracted too much attention.

This is why lacework with human figures is fascinating and immediately raises many questions. Who are the figures on the lace? What is their significance? Come and discover the glamourous history and stories behind these rare pieces!