Brussels Touch

Exhibition 27.08.21 > 15.05.22

Brussels, a capital of fashion! But is Brussels fashion really synonymous with Belgian fashion?


Whether they were born in Brussels,  living here temporarily for their studies or well-established, these creators immerse themselves in our remarkable city to open up new horizons. This unique exhibition invites you to discover Brussels’ mark on contemporary fashion, from the 1980s to the present day. It takes a look at what sets Brussels fashion apart, otherwise known as the “Spirit of Brussels”, through the talent of 33 fashion designers.

The names in the exhibition

Annemie Verbeke, Anthony Vaccarello, Beauduin-Masson, Cathy Pill, Cédric Charlier, Chevalier Masson, Christophe Coppens, David Szeto, Delvaux, Elvis Pompilio, Emmanuel Laurent, Éric Beauduin, Ester Manas, Éts Callataÿ, Gioia Seghers, Girls from Omsk, Jean Paul Knott, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, José Enrique Ona Selfa,Julien Dossena, Lætitia Crahay, Léa Peckre, Marine Serre, Mosært, Olivia Hainaut, Olivier Theyskens, Own, Union pour le Vêtement, Sami Tillouche, Sandrina Fasoli, Sofie D’Hoore, Tony Delcampe et Sandrine Rombaux, Xavier Delcour.


Marine Serre ©Catwalkpictures

Brussels Touch: the video

The exhibition presents the work of 33 fashion designers or creative entities in the form of an unstructured visit. Punctuated by autonomous
thematic and solo sequences, the exhibition offers multiple paths to address the creative spirit nurtured by Brussels.


Lydia Kamitsis, curator and Antigone Aristidou, scenographer tell you about the Brussels Touch exhibition.

Les Humeurs du Brillant

9 creations for 9 months of exhibition

An iconic presentation of a very Belgian collection. ‘Les Humeurs de Brillant’ honours the creativity and know-how of Delvaux. Always fully handmade, the handbags are made by master artisans who work in Delvaux’ Brussels workshop.


This collection has 9 models. Each bag is displayed in the exhibition for one month. Then it’s time for the next one…


This month: The Know-how

Brussels Touch: key dates

Brussels Touch explores the role of Belgium in fashion since the 1980s. This is not the first exhibition of this type, of course, but it is the first one to pose questions about the unique contribution of Brussels in this national history.


In 1986, La Cambre school of arts, known as ‘the Belgian Bauhaus’, opened a styling and fashion design studio. Even before they obtained their degree, the first students made their mark in international competitions, launched their career and put Brussels on the world map for fashion. But what was their unique contribution?


A look at the most important dates in the careers of our designers

Brussels Touch. Free Spirit of Fashion

The first publication on the subject

While covering the themes of the exhibition, this publication extends the presentation but is not intended as a catalog. Richly illustrated, the book reflects the research conducted by the curator Lydia Kamitsis and brings together contributions of top-line actors about the position of Brussels on the national and international fashion scene.


Intended to endure beyond the period of the exhibition, it is conceived for international distribution.


Format: 224 pages
(trilingual edition French / English / Dutch)
Publisher: Lannoo

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