Fashion walk


Linda Van Waesberge will unveil her secret addresses in the Sablon and Marolles district.


Our fashion expert will emphasize Belgian fashion, concept stores, local boutiques or vintage shops and new designers.
During this Fashion Walk, you may just add trendy and original pieces to your wardrobe. Or, if not, take advantage of this spring walk to discover the city from a fresh perspective.


Practical information

  • At 11:00 am
  • Duration: 1.30
  • Price: €10 (max. 15 people)
    Departure: Boutique Pierre Marcolini, Rue des Minimes 1
  • Reservations are required via our booking platform. Tickets are available on our ticketing platform the month before the event.
  • Next date: 21.09.24


Fashion Walk avec Linda Van Waesberge