The wrap dress, the emblematic piece, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This is the occasion for the museum to dedicate its exhibition to the designer, Diane von Furstenberg.
A first in Europe!


Discover the extraordinary career of this Belgian who became an international fashion figure.



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23.04.23 > 23.04.23

Erfgoeddag/Heritage day

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27.04.23 > 27.04.23

Brussels Museums Nocturnes

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First Sunday of the month

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Fashion & Lace

Exhibition Back Side Fashion from behind_Fashion & Lace Museum ©detiffe.com

Exhibition Back Side Fashion from behind_ Evening dress CHANEL, 1931 Fashion & Lace Museum ©detiffe.com

The Museum

The Brussels Fashion & Lace Museum houses a collection of over 20,000 pieces of clothing and a significant number accessories, covering the history of fashion from the 16th century to the present day. The collections are presented in rotation through themed exhibitions.

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Unique in Belgium, the Studio showcases the recent acquisitions of the Brussels Fashion & Lace Museum.



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Exposition New Millenium_Studio ©Musee Mode & Dentelle

Exposition New Millenium_Studio ©Musee Mode & Dentelle


Diane von Fürstenberg. Woman Before Fashion

Diane von Fürstenberg. Woman Before Fashion

21.04.23 - 07.01.24

Diane von Furstenberg. Woman Before Fashion

This exhibition is not a retrospective. It is a free approach to the Diane von Furstenberg’s work. The exhibition presents the creations of the famous Belgo-American fashion designer and the person behind them.  Through an interplay of visions and a juxtaposition of creations, this ground-breaking exhibition provides the keys to understanding the incredible career of a female designer who understands women.


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Permanent exhibition

Lace room

Through previously unseen pieces, recently acquired or specially retrieved from storage, you will plunge into the extraordinary history of Brussels lace. A fabric that has since disappeared


Brussels lace has gained international renown over the centuries. Its finesse, quality and beauty made it the preferred textile of the elites from the 17th century. It found its way to the greatest royal courts of Europe, adorning the apparel of both men and women.


Contemporary lace is also honoured. A new piece by Carine Gilson, the godmother of the Chambre des Dentelles, is revealed with finesse and transparency.


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Lace room, brussels lace, rare, fashion, museum

Lace room © Emilie Gomez

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