Gerald Watelet, a retrospective

Triplex 21.09.07 > 27.01.08

During a temporary exhibition, the Brussels Fashion & Lace Museum immersed its visitors in the world of Gerald Watelet.


As an iconic figure in the Belgian media landscape, Gerald Watelet is a man of many talents. A cook, a television host, but also a designer: he was at the head of the only Belgian house to have been honoured with the recognition of the very select world of haute couture.


From 1989, the Watelet woman dresses in chic and comfortable clothes. Entirely handmade and made to measure, the outfits are made in the designer’s workshops.

Affiche©Bertrand Sottiaux

A temporary exhibition showcasing Gerald Watelet’s outfits

In 2007, the retrospective devoted to his career presented about a hundred silhouettes. The majority of the outfits exhibited belonged to clients of the Maison de couture, while others were part of the Museum’s collections, and some were catwalk models.


This temporary exhibition also highlighted artisans whose know-how is a vital part of haute couture: feather-flowers-florists, embroiderers, milliners, lacemakers, pleaters, tailors and fabric artists. These trades have made haute couture a lavish industry.

Exposition Gerald Watelet_Musee Mode & Dentelle ©Y.Peeters