The museum

In October 2017, on its 40th anniversary, the Museum of Costume and Lace became the Fashion & Lace Museum, a new name aimed at strengthening  the dialogue between fashion and history.

Originally, the Museum of the City of Brussels had a collection of Brussels lace which gave the city its lace-making reputation up until the 19th century. In 1977, the city decided to dedicate a museum to this collection in order to present the lace in context. Since then, the collections have continued to grow and now present an overview of Western European fashion from the 18th century to the present today.

The museum's collections are private donations or purchases. Strict standards govern the conservation of textiles and aim to regulate the heat, light and humidity in the rooms where they are exhibited. Consequently, the collections cannot be on permanent display. The museum therefore rotates its collections through annual themed exhibitions.

Today, the museum is driven by an innovative dynamic that resolutely focuses  on contemporary fashion and the acquisition of Belgian and Brussels fashion items.