Curator's choice

Exhibition 21.04.23 > 10.09.23

What do a dress by Comme des Garçons, lace parasols of the 19th century, an Yves Saint Laurent coat and an evening dress made of fabric designed by Marie Laurencin have in common? They are all conservators’ favourites among our recent acquisitions.


When a new item arrives at the museum, it makes its way through the expert hands of our conservators. Inspection, identification, analysis and entry into the inventory: meticulous tasks aimed at conserving our heritage in the best possible way. Work usually carried out in obscurity but that is now revealed to our visitors.


With this new capsule exhibition, the museum’s team invites you to discover its most recent additions to the collections. Items that have been carefully selected and exhibited for the first time.


Practical info

  • The visit to the Studio is included in your museum ticket