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N°27: A unique gift for a unique couple The bedspread of Albert of Austria and Isabella of Spain (r. 1598-1621)

Thursday 17 February 2022 at 19.30

Musée Art et Histoire


The lace bedspread of Albert and Isabella is an exceptional piece. Made by women for a woman, it is one of the first pieces of bobbin lace. The quality of the bedspread and the many figures shown on it (Roman emperors, kings and queens, saints of the Old and New Testaments, participants in the Ommegang procession) made this lace item a very special gift.


Ria Cooremans, head of the lace collections at the Art & History Museum, takes us along to discover the captivating iconography of this masterpiece.


Practical information

  • By Ria Cooremans, Art & History Museum
  • Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 7.30pm
  • Lecture in French
  • Admission fee: free
  • Webinar: reservation required via this link