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Thursday 07 November 2019 at 19.30

This event has already taken place.


For 30 years, Carine Gilson has excelled in lace. In November 2019, in a conference, she shared her life stories during a casual conversation with Anne-Françoise Moyson, a journalist at Le Vif Weekend. 


What topics were discussed during the “Conversation with Carine Gilson” conference?


Carine Gilson has been sewing since childhood. As a very young girl, the designer chose her forte – the dexterity of a gesture, the hand, Chantilly, silk, lingerie and haute couture. In her Brussels workshop, Carine Gilson works with the finest materials. She has developed a chromatic range that is a unique representation of her style.


With passion and accuracy, Carine Gilson has built up an exceptional knowledge, combining inlay with an inimitable sense of finesse. In London, Paris and Brussels, her elegant boutiques serve as a backdrop for the refined collections where lingerie rubs shoulders with evening wear. 


The conference Conversation with Carine Gilson was held in Brussels on Thursday 7 November 2019.