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Garment that envelops the top and arms, opens in the front and is generally worn over a top. See the definition of the jacket. A little easy given the ins and outs incarnated by this item in the history of fashion.


Closely linked to the suit, long an indispensable element of the female wardrobe, the jacket borrows many details from the men’s suit. Collar, buttons, fabric, the jacket like the suit challenge manners. Both are involved in the emancipation of women and in the new fashion ideal. Lanvin, Patou, Chanel or Dior very quickly take it up. They appropriate the garments while updating them, notably the jacket-skirt or jacket-trouser elements.


Today, the jacket is becoming completely independent of the suit. It is becoming a leading item in both men’s and women’s fashion. Worn alone, separate, it is available in different cuts and fabrics, and is subject to the audacity of designers.

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