Museum Night fever


Childhood, a period when adults make decisions for youngsters, even their clothes! Do you remember your wardrobe, following the trends of the time, your parents’ wishes, the rules at school, etc.?


The MedexMuseum brings back your childhood!
Choose a memory, one that is happy or less so: your childhood hero, the dress style you adored, etc. and illustrate it in embroidery. Together, let us weave an ‘Amarcord’ canvas using the fashions and garments put away in the cupboard.


Practical details

  • Saturday, 22 October from 7 pm to 01 am
  • Presale rates: 19.09.22 > 21.10.22: € 14 or € 24 (with after party)
  • Rates on the day: € 18 or € 28 (with after party)
  • Our museum is selling Museum Night Fever tickets at the reception desk
  • The list of points of sale is available here