Reflection by Jean-Paul Lespagnard

21.10.17 > 15.04.18

This unusual exhibition invites the visitor into the world of Jean-Paul Lespagnard. On the ground floor, faced with contemporary artworks by Wim Delvoye, Jan Fabre and Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, objects from popular culture such as the Manneken-Pis dressed as a Gilles de Binche (a figure from the Carnival in the Belgian town of Binche) or a Christmas doll from the Schleife region in Germany and designer items from the Museum's collections, the visitor comes face to face with an abundance of inspiring objects.

Upstairs, Jean-Paul Lespagnard presents what he has created with these sources of inspiration. Around twenty outfits and scarves, together with signature pieces are on display. The clothes are gradually revealed in relation to the objects on the ground floor.

Most of the outfits will become part of the museum's collections after the exhibition, in accordance with the new acquisition policy for contemporary items.

On the top floor, the visitor can put their own creativity to the test with a project to design a virtual scarf, one of the designer's signature items. Staged to look like Jean-Paul Lespagnard's studio, a webcam suspended above the work surface films the composition process with the live feed projected onto a screen. Once the item is finished, the visitor is invited to photograph it and send it to Jean-Paul Lespagnard using social media: #ReflectionLespagnard. Will one of these projects inspire Jean-Paul?

Jean-Paul Lespagnard
This truck driver's son, born in Harzé on 5 April, 1979 graduated in visual arts and fashion design. He first worked for Anna Sui in New York, then in 2005, he became the assistant to knitwear designer Annemie Verbeke. He has since moved to Brussels.

A prolific designer, he works in fashion, art, dance, theatre and communication. He is particularly famous for his "happening" catwalk shows, his many joint projects with U.S. choreographer Meg Stuart, outfits worn by different artists such as Yelle, or more recently, Alice on the Roof, and for his collaboration on major brands such as Jaguar, Eastpak, Galler, etc.

His first collection was presented in March 2011 at Paris Fashion Week. Since then his creations have taken the world by storm, from the USA to Europe, Russia and the Ukraine to China, Japan, Korea and Australia.

The Lespagnard touch
Jean-Paul Lespagnard combines a keen fashion sense with a fascination for art in all its forms, both popular and underground. He succeeds in expressing an optimistic universe where his originality and offbeat style go hand in hand with playful irreverence. He likes to say that he prefers to dress a personality rather than a person and that his fashion/lifestyle is not aimed at any particular age or physique.